Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft

Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft

To say that rideshare giants Uber and Lyft have changed the way that people navigate their communities would be an understatement. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, Uber completed over two billion rides worldwide. 

It’s a monumental change to transportation that has been made possible in large part by the estimated 1.7 million U.S.-based drivers that Uber and Lyft contract with.

Both companies have a unique relationship with their drivers, as neither considers its drivers to be traditional employees. Instead, they are considered independent contractors, meaning they are responsible for, among other things, providing their own vehicle that can complete trips.

However, both services have requirements that drivers and their vehicles must meet to hold themselves out to be Uber or Lyft drivers.

Why Uber and Lyft Require Drivers To Meet Certain Requirements

Requiring drivers and their vehicles to meet certain minimum requirements not only helps protect the two companies from liability but also helps increase the likelihood that a rideshare passenger will complete their trip safely, as they are being transported by a qualified driver using a vehicle with sufficient safety features.

Drivers who do not meet the requirements to drive for Uber or Lyft are not permitted to use either app to find riders or receive payments for giving rides, and neither can unqualified individuals hold themselves out as being affiliated in any way with either group.

As a rider, you should not accept a ride from any driver claiming to be connected with Uber or Lyft if you did not find them through the apps.

Disqualifications For Uber and Lyft Drivers

Both Uber and Lyft have their own requirements that drivers must meet in order to drive for them. 

Though some of these differ slightly between the two companies, both companies will reject an applicant who does not have the following:

  • A valid U.S. driver’s license
  • A personal auto liability insurance policy that meets their state’s minimum requirements
  • A legal history free of felonies and other offenses such as DUIs
  • A driving record without numerous traffic citations and convictions

In Texas, offenses that will cause an individual to be disqualified from driving for either Uber or Lyft include DUIs as well as any felony involving the use of a motor vehicle or property damage. They also cannot be a rideshare driver if they have been convicted of fraud, theft, or any act of violence or terrorism.

Even if a driver is otherwise qualified, they will not be able to drive for either company if they do not have access to a vehicle that meets the company’s requirements. 

The vehicle must, generally:

  • Be no older than a specific model year
  • Have at least four doors
  • Be equipped with enough working seat belts for each passenger and driver
  • Be legally registered in the state where it is being used

Both Uber and Lyft will allow drivers to rent certain vehicles and use those rental cars to complete rides. This can be a useful option for drivers whose personal vehicles do not meet Uber’s or Lyft’s requirements or those who simply do not want to use their personal vehicles.

Altogether, would-be drivers for both Uber and Lyft must meet the company’s requirements for drivers and vehicles before they can use either platform to offer rides and begin earning money.

Uber-Specific Requirements

Drivers who want to work with Uber, in particular, must be at least 18 years of age and, if under the age of 25, have three years of driving experience. Those who are 25 years of age or older only need one year of driving experience.

Prospective drivers must also have a valid driver’s license issued by the state in which they intend to provide services. Uber will not accept an out-of-state or international driver’s license, no matter how long an individual has been driving.

In addition, as touched upon earlier, a driver’s vehicle must be no more than 16 years old. As of 2023, the vehicle must be at least from the 2007 model year or newer. It must also have at least four doors and be free from cosmetic damage like dents, dings, and chipped or peeling paint. In addition, no commercial branding or advertisements for other companies may be displayed on the vehicle.

Drivers should note that if they intend to drive for some specific Uber services, such as UberX, such services have their own, often more stringent, vehicle requirements. 

Driver and Vehicle Requirements For Lyft

To drive for Lyft in Texas, those interested must be at least 25 years of age. There is no requirement for any previous driving history. So, for instance, if someone who is 25 years of age has just received their driver’s license, they can apply immediately thereafter to drive for Lyft. 

In addition, the company will accept a temporary or out-of-state driver’s license. For instance, one could drive for Lyft in Texas, even if their license is originally from New Mexico.

The vehicle used for the job must have four doors and a minimum of seat belts to meet Lyft’s requirements. It must also be of the 2009 model year or newer, and it cannot be a taxi or stretch limousine. Like Uber, driving for one of Lyft’s premium services requires that a driver’s vehicle meet that service’s specific standards.

Uber and Lyft Want Passengers To Remain Safe

Uber and Lyft both profess a commitment to passenger safety. Their enforcement of standards concerning who may offer rides through their respective platforms is one way that they can fulfill that responsibility. 

Even if you use Uber or Lyft solely as a passenger, understanding these requirements can help you spot drivers who may not be authorized to offer rides. If you notice a driver or vehicle that does not meet these requirements, report the matter to the appropriate company.

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