How Long Does It Take State Farm To Settle Claims in Friendswood?

How Long Does It Take State Farm To Settle Claims in Friendswood?

If you need to file a claim with State Farm, you can begin the claims process by filing through State Farm’s website, on the phone, or through the State Farm app.  Once you file a claim, State Farm will assign a claims adjuster. The claims adjuster will investigate your claim, assess the damages, and determine the compensation you should receive. 

State Farm typically settles car accident claims between thirty and ninety days. The length of the time varies and may take longer based on the complexity of the case, among other factors.

Factors That Could Affect the State Farm Settlement Timeline

Although the average settlement timeline for State Farm claims in Friendswood, Texas, is around a month, some claims will take longer. Each case has unique factors that can affect the timeline, which include:

Case Complexity

Some cases are more complex than others. For example, a simple Fender Bender car accident claim is unlikely to take a long time to settle. However, a multi-car accident with severe injuries may take much longer to settle. The more complex the case, the harder it is for a claim adjuster to determine the value of a claim.

Severe Injuries

If your injuries are severe, your claim will take longer to settle. State Farm might not offer to settle a claim until you have reached “maximum medical improvement.” Maximum medical improvement is when your injuries have improved as much as possible. State Farm (and your lawyer) have to know the long-term effects of your injuries to estimate the value of your claim.

Additionally, some complicated injuries can be difficult to detect and treat. You may want to be aware of delayed concussion symptoms because head injuries are not always immediately evident. Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries can be difficult and time-consuming to treat. 

Further, if you suffer from PTSD after a car accident, your treatment may continue indefinitely, making it difficult to determine the value of your claim. 

Gathering and Analysis of Evidence

State Farm must collect evidence in most personal injury cases to determine what caused the accident and what type of injuries you have. State Farm may need to gather detailed accident reports, medical records, expert opinion, and, in some cases, independent medical evaluations. Claims with ample evidence are easier for State Farm to evaluate and, therefore, settle faster.

The Negotiation Process

Most personal injury claim settlements are achieved through negotiations. Negotiations can be lengthy in cases where liability is disputed or when the amount of compensation involved is significant. 

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