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You may qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you’ve recently suffered injuries in a workplace accident in Friendswood, Texas. State law generally bans lawsuits against an employer who provides workers’ compensation coverage.

But, if multiple companies, employers, or subcontractors are involved, you may have an injury case even if you have workers’ compensation coverage through your employer.

The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers and our Friendswood workers’ compensation lawyers can help you understand your rights.

Since 2000, The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers has helped injured workers in Friendswood take on their employers and insurance companies in hotly-contested claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Our results speak volumes, with millions recovered on behalf of deserving clients in cases like Friendswood workplace accidents, premises liability, slip and fall accidents, Friendswood construction accidents, catastrophic injuries, and more.

How Our Friendswood Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Make the Most of Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

How Our Friendswood Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Make the Most of Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits can really help to offset the financial burdens associated with a workplace accident or injury. Unfortunately, the claims process can be quite challenging. Your employer’s insurance company might try to dismiss your injuries, misclassify you as a contractor, or take other steps to prevent or limit a payout of benefits.

Force meaningful negotiations and set yourself up for a fair recovery by turning to our trusted Friendswood personal injury lawyers.

When you choose The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll have award-winning Texas trial attorneys fighting for you at every turn. 

You’ll be able to count on us to:

  • Review results of employer-led investigations into your workplace accident or injury
  • Coordinate an independent inquiry into the circumstances of your case
  • Help you obtain medical treatment from a qualifying physician or provider
  • Secure an independent medical examination (IME) if the insurance company questions the extent or severity of your injuries or illness
  • Gather evidence and documentation needed to support a compelling claim for benefits
  • Enlist the help of experts and specialists who can provide insight into the extent of your injuries and the direct impact they have on your life
  • Ensure all procedural requirements and filing deadlines are satisfied
  • Negotiate the terms of your benefits package with the insurance company and its representatives
  • Appeal your workers’ compensation claim if it is denied or undervalued

If you’re unable to work or only able to work in a limited capacity, your bank account is probably hurting right now. We don’t want the perceived cost of an attorney to stand between you and the legal help you deserve. 

That’s why our workplace accident attorneys in Friendswood will represent you on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing unless we win your workers’ compensation case. When we win, our fee comes out of your recovery and not your pocket.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Insurance System in Texas

Workers’ compensation is an insurance system that can benefit injured workers and employers when a worker gets hurt or develops a work-related illness.

Under the system:

  • Workers have the opportunity to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation and recover benefits to offset costs related to medical treatment, lost wages, and disability; and
  • Employers are protected from lawsuits when workers are hurt on the job.

However, unlike many states, Texas doesn’t require most private employers to opt into the workers’ compensation insurance system. Your employer must disclose whether they opted into the system or not.

How Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Texas?

You can qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits if:

  • You work for an employer who has opted into the workers’ compensation insurance system and actively carries a policy
  • You suffer a work-related injury or are diagnosed with an occupational disease, and
  • You are classified as an employee (full-time, part-time, or seasonal).

A work-related injury is one that is sustained in the course of performing tasks or responsibilities related to your role in the company. 

For example, you may qualify for workers’ compensation if you are injured in a truck accident while driving a rig for your employer. However, you wouldn’t qualify if you got hurt in a car accident while driving to grab food on your lunch break.

In Texas, independent contractors do not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Recover Workers’ Compensation?

No. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. You are entitled to benefits regardless of who caused your accident. In exchange for an accelerated path to benefits, you waive the right to sue your employer.

However, you can reserve the right to sue a liable third party for additional compensation. 

Helping You Seek Workers’ Compensation Benefits After Any Workplace Accident or Injury

No matter where you work or what job you hold, it’s possible to suffer serious and potentially life-changing injuries on the job. Even minor trauma can generate costly medical bills and affect your ability to do your job. 

At The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re here to help you seek workers’ compensation benefits after any type of workplace accident or injury, including:

Benefits can be instrumental as you fight to get better and work toward getting back on your feet. Let our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Friendswood help you make the most of your fight for compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available to Injured Workers in Friendswood, Texas

Workers’ compensation is a private insurance system. Not only is the claims process unique, but so are the types of benefits that can be awarded to injured workers or grieving families.

Typically, there are three types of benefits available: medical benefits, wage replacement, and death benefits.

Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation should cover the costs of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. 

This can include bills related to:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Medical devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care

As long as a course of treatment is prescribed by your physician, the cost should be covered by workers’ compensation.

Keep in mind that the insurance company won’t just let you seek treatment anywhere. For bills to be covered, you will have to see a provider that’s been pre-approved by the insurer. Failing to comply with this requirement can result in a loss of benefits.

Temporary Income Benefits

Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) are paid to offset the wages you’re unable to earn while you’re recovering from your injury. You can qualify for Temporary Income Benefits if you are unable to work for more than seven days. 

Typically, TIBs are the equivalent of 70 percent of your average weekly wage (prior to injury). In some cases, TIBs can be calculated to equal 75 percent of your average weekly wage.

For 2023, the maximum weekly TIBs benefit in Texas is $1,112.

Impairment Income Benefits

Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) are available when your injury is so severe that it leaves you with a permanent disability. This disability permanently interferes with your ability to do your job, even after you’ve reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

Benefits depend on the impairment rating you’re assigned upon reaching MMI. However, for 2023, the maximum IIB payout is $778.00 per week.

Supplemental Income Benefits

If you’re able to return to work in a limited capacity, you may qualify for Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs). 

Supplemental Income Benefits help to bridge the gap between what you were earning before you got hurt and what you’re capable of earning now. 

SIBs equal 80 percent of the difference between 80 percent of your average weekly wage and current earnings.

For 2023, the maximum weekly SIBs benefits in Texas equal $778.

Lifetime Income Benefits

If your injury prevents you from working in any capacity ever again, you can seek Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs).

Lifetime Income Benefits can equal 75 percent of your average weekly wage, subject to a 3 percent annual increase. LIBs are subject to a cap of $1,112 per week in 2023.

Death Benefits

When a spouse or parent is killed in a workplace accident in Friendswood, the family may qualify for death benefits under the employer’s workers’ compensation policy.

Death benefits can cover the costs of a funeral and make up for the workers’ lost wages. For 2023, the maximum weekly death benefit is $1,112.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim For Workers’ Compensation in Texas?

You must report your work-related injury to your employer within 30 days of its occurrence or diagnosis.

This preserves your right to formally seek workers’ compensation insurance benefits.

You won’t have an unlimited time to file a claim. In Texas, the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims is one year.

You will lose the right to seek benefits if you miss the filing deadline.

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You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to offset lost wages and cover the costs of your medical treatment. Our experienced Friendswood workers’ compensation attorneys can help you take on your employer’s insurance company and demand the full benefits package you deserve.

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