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Was your child recently injured in an accident in Friendswood, TX? Was an adult responsible for their injuries? You may have the right to seek compensation. An experienced Friendswood child injury lawyer at The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers can help your family pursue fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Our lawyers have over 58 years of combined experience working hard to help families like yours secure fair compensation for their losses in cases involving Friendswood brain Injuries, assault injuries, Friendswood catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, and more.

It’s important to understand your legal rights after an accident. Contact our law offices in Friendswood today at (281) 992-8633, Texas to schedule a free consultation.

How The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Child Injury Claim in Friendswood, TX

How The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Child Injury Claim in Friendswood, TX

Your choice of a law firm is incredibly important. You need a lawyer with both experience and resources. You’ll also want a compassionate advocate who truly cares about what your family is going through.

The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers is an award-winning personal injury firm with decades of experience. We’ve been highly rated by Super Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers. Our founding attorney is double board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization–a distinction that few attorneys have achieved.

When you hire our Friendswood personal injury lawyers to protect your interests, your lawyer will:

  • Carefully investigate to determine who is ultimately liable for your losses
  • Gather evidence to build your case
  • Work with experts as we assess your case value
  • Handle all insurance negotiations and paperwork
  • Bring your child’s case before a judge and jury if necessary to get a fair deal

We know how much is at stake for your family. We’re dedicated to helping our clients recover meaningful compensation for their losses. To discuss your case in detail, call for a free initial consultation with a Friendswood personal injury attorney today. We work on a contingency fee basis, so there aren’t any upfront costs.

How Common Are Childhood Injuries?

Children are naturally curious and adventurous. They’re also often fearless–which can be especially scary for a parent trying to protect them.

According to CDC reports, a child is treated in an emergency room in the United States every four seconds. Many of these injuries are minor. Unfortunately, however, injuries are the leading cause of death in children. About one in every five childhood deaths is due to an injury. 

Most of these injuries would be entirely preventable if adults were careful.

We Handle All Types of Child Injury Claims in Friendswood

At The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers, we handle all types of child injury claims, including those involving:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations
  • Dislocations 
  • Bruising and soft tissue damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Dental injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Burns
  • Hearing or vision loss
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal organ damage
  • Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death

Are you struggling with your child’s medical costs? Was someone else responsible for your child’s pain? If you have questions about your legal options, our lawyers in Friendswood are here to help. Give us a quick call to arrange a free case review today.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for My Child’s Injuries?

Anyone who contributed to the cause of your child’s injuries can be held legally responsible for your family’s losses.

Depending on the facts, responsible parties may include:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Property owners who fail to maintain their premises in safe condition
  • Business owners
  • Schools or daycare centers
  • Babysitters or nannies
  • Sports coaches
  • Aides and caretakers
  • School administrators
  • Clergy members
  • Organization leaders, such as the Boy Scouts, YMCA, etc.
  • Summer camp organizers
  • Government agencies
  • Manufacturers of defective products
  • Landlords 
  • Owners of sports complexes and entertainment venues
  • Dog owners 

Our personal injury attorneys in Friendswood can help you identify all parties who allowed your child’s injuries to occur. Then, we’ll use that information to demand fair compensation from the parties who owed you a duty of care and ignored their responsibilities.

The legal basis for your child injury claim will depend on how your child was injured. Most personal injury claims are based on negligence. However, there are nuances that will depend on the circumstances.

Premises Liability and Attractive Nuisances

All property owners in Texas have a legal duty to keep their property reasonably safe for people who are legally on the premises.

That might include a duty to:

  • Fix any hazardous property conditions
  • Provide adequate warning about dangers that can’t be immediately fixed
  • Inspect the property regularly to locate and fix hidden risks

Property owners have heightened duties when it comes to kids. Even when a young child trespasses, the property owner may be liable if the child wandered onto the property due to an “attractive nuisance.” 

An attractive nuisance is something that’s dangerous and also attractive to kids. An unfenced swimming pool is an example of an attractive nuisance.

Negligent Security and Supervision

When you put someone in charge of your kids, they have to take reasonable steps to keep them safe. That includes providing proper supervision to prevent them from wandering off. It also includes providing adequate security to prevent crimes from occurring.

Depending on the circumstances, that might include:

  • Locking gates and fences
  • Installing metal detectors
  • Installing security cameras
  • Training employees to respond to threats of violence

The types of steps required depend on the facts. You can learn more about whether you have a valid personal injury case by calling our law firm for a free case review.

Product Liability

Manufacturers of defective products can be held strictly liable when people are hurt. Products designed for children must be reasonably safe for kids. Instead of proving negligence, you’ll have to prove that the product suffered from a defect to recover damages.

What Causes Most Childhood Injuries in Texas?

There are virtually countless ways that kids can get hurt. Children simply don’t appreciate risks in the same way as adults. That’s why we put adults in charge. 

At The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd Personal Injury Lawyers, we often represent children and their families in personal injury cases involving:

  • Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Suffocation
  • Swimming pool accidents and drownings
  • Poisoning 
  • Fires and burns
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Sports accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Playground accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Assault and violence 
  • Dangerous property conditions, including attractive nuisances like open swimming pools or ponds

If your child was injured, seek medical attention right away. Once your child is stable, contact our lawyers in Friendswood to tell us what happened. 

What is My Friendswood Child Injury Case Worth?

Assessing the value of a child injury case can be tough. Your child has their entire life ahead of them. You’ll have to take both your current and future damages into consideration to get a fair deal.

That means assessing:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Your child’s anticipated need for future medical care
  • Whether the injury will impact your child’s future education and earning prospects
  • The types of setbacks your child experienced due to the injury
  • Your child’s age
  • The overall severity of the injuries
  • The emotional impact of the accident and injuries

Speaking with an experienced Friendswood child injury attorney is the only way to really know how much your case is worth. That’s because insurance companies tend to undervalue cases–and an experienced lawyer can help you stand up and fight for a fair deal.

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover for My Child’s Injuries in Friendswood, Texas?

Like any adult, an injured child can seek compensation for their economic damages and non-economic damages.

Examples of the types of compensation your family may receive include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Special education needs
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Long-term care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of a normal childhood
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Disfigurement 
  • Damages for wrongful death

Contact our law firm today to learn more about the types of compensation you may deserve.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if My Child Was Injured in Texas?

As a minor, your child can’t take legal action on their own. Fortunately, parents are permitted to file a lawsuit on behalf of a child. In Texas, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in most cases.

After that two-year statute of limitations expires, you lose your right to sue for damages. However, your child can file a lawsuit once they turn 18. Your child’s two-year statute of limitations starts to run on the date they turn 18, so they can technically file a lawsuit up until their 20th birthday.

Contact a Trusted Friendswood Child Injury Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Was your child injured because an adult was careless? Contact us today at (281) 992-8633. With an experienced Friendswood child injury lawyer by your side, you’ll level the playing field so you can get the full compensation you deserve.

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